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Surface preparation

Powder coating is efficient and effective only in case the metal surface to be coated is properly prepared for coating process. Different methods of surface preparation are applied for different metals. Metal surface is cleaned both mechanically as well as using chemicals. Oil, soil and dust are removed leaving the metal surface as clean as possible.

UAB Baltic Industrial Coating uses the most advanced technology for surface preparation. In Vilnius workshop products are dipped in 9 different chemical solution baths in the view of the type of soil to be removed and the type of metal. Steel products are degreased and phosphated. Aluminium, copper, zinc and galvanized steel (both cold and hot dip) as well as stainless steel products are degreased and etched. Later on, all metals are covered with anti-corrosive Oxilan film. In Kaunas workshop surfaces are prepared by spraying. Special attention is devoted to the preparation process, as the quality of coated surface depends on how clean the surface to be coated is.

For more information, contact us by phone or email. Our professional managers are ready to provide all necessary technical information about powder coating and all advantages of this type of painting.

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