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Metal powder coating was started more than 50 years ago in Germany and currently is one of the most popular and reliable methods of metal painting. This method of painting is used very widely - building structures, facade and interior decoration elements, various parts of industrial equipment, electronics and household appliances, toys, etc. are powder coated. Industrial powder coating requires certain processing lines that can be operated automatically, and can powder coat hundreds and thousands metal items in a short time.

Powder coating involves three stages:

Stage I. Metal surface preparation. Using a variety of chemical and mechanical methods metal surface is treated so that it is left extra clean.

Stage II. Powder application. Using a special spray, metal surface is covered with electrically charged particles of polymer powder, which stick to metal surface due to powerful electrostatic force forming a uniform finish.

Stage III. Curing. Powdered items are placed into an oven preheated up to 180 - 200°C. Depending on the metal thickness and powder properties, those items are kept in a set temperature for 10-30 minutes. In such a high temperature the powder melts and covers the metal surface by an even layer with thickness of 60-120 µm.

Coated products are cooled, packaged and prepared for transportation.

Powder coated metal products are highly resistant to outside atmospheric, chemical and physical effects: they are resistant to abrasion, impact, scratching. Metals painted this way are more resistant to corrosion.

UAB Baltic Industrial Coating has two ` coating lines in Vilnius and Kaunas, where different metal products can be powder coated. Specialists of UAB Baltic industrial coating should be consulted on coating specific metal products. Our experienced technicians will advise you on how to prepare parts for coating better, will help you choose the right powder, colour and texture from an especially wide range of assortment so that a powder coated product meets the set requirements. Contact us by phone or email.

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